Thomas Mustac has his MA graduate with an Advanced Certification in Nonprofit Public Relations. He has a diverse background in healthcare, cosmetics, sports and interior design Public Relations. Also, has experience in Crisis Communications work and wrote his thesis on, “Case Study & Examination of the Communications Effect of NFL Players Off-Field Actions on the NFL Image”. Currently, work with clients in the telehealth, beauty, cosmetics, podcast, construction and travel industries. 

In my spare time, I love to do freelance writing on travel and travel advice. I have traveled to many countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, England, Mexico and Canada. This isn’t just the countries I passed through with connecting flights, but rather have actually spent time in and traveled to. I work globally spending my time traveling between New York City and Osijek, Croatia. Reach out with any travel questions or travel advice you might have. As well as any collaboration opportunities whether it be for travel or writing work feel free to reach out here!

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